Blogging, Habits and “I’m back!”

July 26, 2013 § 38 Comments

There exist a couple of reasons I left this blog to decay for 9 months:

  1. I came to terms with my outright inability run outdoors in the winter. Call it being a wimp, looking for an excuse or not being cut out for it, I just couldn’t get myself out there. I figure the labour of a run is tough enough to talk myself through, let alone under lung-frosting blizzard conditions (alright, it’s not THAT bad, but still…), so I conceded my defeat and cowered in shame from my blog.
  2. I signed up for the Nike Women’salf Marathon in Washington,DC last April, 
    and was all stoked about getting back to trainingIMG_0987 IMG_0984and blogging until a knee injury decided to strike (actually, it was my fault but blaming the injury makes me feel a smidgen better) and completely derailed my training schedule and attitude towards running and therefore blogging about running. All I could manage on race day was to run the first 2 miles and walk the remainder. Which was very sad for me, but mostly painful: I didn’t realize the walking part would require any training and boy was I wrong! Power walking is NOT a natural movement and you DO need to adapt your body to it or you’ll end up like me: the weird girl who alternates between power walking and limp-running (because despite the knee pain, it gave my walking joints a rest) and much more sore than any running race can make you.


Now, there exist a couple of reasons why I’m back to my blog and promising to be much less absent!

  1. One of the last audiobooks I listened to was What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, which wasn’t mind opening enough for me to recommend it for anyone’s reading list, but it did inspire me enough to reflect on how my ideal mornings would play out. I decided it would be to always awake at 5:30 and either run or get my day going so I can have time to read or blog before starting work.
    Additionally, I listened to another audiobook, What Makes Your Brain Happy and Why You Should Do the Opposite, describing how contrary to the popular belief that it takes 21 days to create a habit, it actually takes on average 66 days for easier habits and 84 days for more difficult habits (exercise being one of them) to develop. Basically, if I want this early morning running thing to stick, I’m going to have to commit to at least 66 days…
  2. A couple of weeks ago TubbyPaul reblogged my last post and very encouragingly said he was “gutted Andrea has stopped updating this blog”, which firstly, made me remember about my blog and secondly, contemplate that hey, maybe some people actually enjoy reading about my love-hate relationship with running.
  3. I have another race to train for!
    Even after the late April race, I struggled with my knee for another 2 months and was so frustrated I almost gave up on running altogether. Finally, after admitting to myself that the injury persisted from a continued attempt to run too far too fast, and after many 1 milers, even more 2 milers and countless cringes on my foam roller, I’m happy to announce my knee is in tiptop shape and ready to take on training for this year’s NWM Half in San Francisco!

So with apology to any who wished I had posted these last months, here I go, ready to tackle 66 (or maybe 84) days of morning running and blogging!

When is your favorite time to run?
Is running a habit or do you have to talk yourself into it?
Do you have any book/audiobook recommendations?

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§ 38 Responses to Blogging, Habits and “I’m back!”

  • bgddyjim says:

    I only have to talk myself into it when it’s cold out. 😉

    I run when it’s so nasty I have to worry about my eyelashes freezing together. No kidding. Welcome back.

    • Andrea says:

      That’s amazing, Jim! Have you always been daring enough to get out there in the cold? I see so many people running through the winter but I haven’t figured out how to get myself to do it yet… Maybe this year!

      • bgddyjim says:

        The trick is to wear a comfortable jacket. I wear a cold weather cycling jacket and it’s perfect down to about ten below zero (F). Once you’ve got a good jacket you stay warm enough that it’s not too bad. I struggle with it too. I just have to remember how awesome I’m going to feel when I’m done. That’ll usually get me out the door.

      • Andrea says:

        I’m hoping running will be that much of a habit for me by this winter that my desire to run will overpower my desire to stay warm inside. Do you run with a face mask?

      • bgddyjim says:

        Only when it’s cold enough that I have to – say 5 to 10 below zero.

  • I run after work, it’s a happy habit that makes me feel good and allows me to wind down for the evening.

    • Andrea says:

      I do love the feeling of relieving all that stress at the end of the day, but I find I’m prone to skip my runs with whatever excuse pops up – I’m too tired, too hungry, too whatever! So hopefully this morning running thing will help me stick to my training plan!
      How many days a week do you run?

  • Glad to see you’re back! I’ve been lacking on the blogging front myself….but you’ve inspired me!

  • dorseyml says:

    Glad you are back! I ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC too. Whether you ran or walked, it was a fun day!!!

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks Meghan! Wasn’t that a beautiful day to be out running! And then rainy in the afternoon so we could cozy up inside for a rest. Have you run any of the NWM races in San Fran?

      • dorseyml says:

        No, but my sister is heading out there in October to run it! Have you?

      • Andrea says:

        I ran it last year and LOVED it. That’s great your sister is running it – you should really try to make it out one year. It’s a much bigger event so the energy in the whole city is directed towards the race and there’s way more awesome free stuff from the sponsors!

      • dorseyml says:

        I’ll keep that in mind!! Thanks!!!

  • I am an after work runner. Sets my dinner back a bit and I can’t wake up, so there it goes. I talk myself into it A LOT. Any book by Cathy Lamb. My favorite author and her new book comes out this week!!!

  • timbocf says:

    Walked a half?? That’s gotta be rough… I prefer to run in the early afternoon but now that It’s so hot I’m trying to run in the mornings again. Ive been running a year or so and have gotten to where I have to talk myself into it a lot of the time.

  • nevie b. says:

    congrats to you for deciding to come back to it! the day you run your nwm half sanfran, i’ll be running the army ten miler out here in dc. my favorite time of day to run is twilight – used to be 11pm actually but i finally had to admit that wasn’t safe anymore. twilight probably isn’t really either but i’m terrible at getting up early and in this summer heat the other option is to wait for the sun to go down.

    66 days huh? that’s gonna be tough if i want to become an early morning runner too, which would be probably the biggest change in my lifestyle ever. good luck!!

    • Andrea says:

      Wow, that’s certainly late! I saw a guy out running on Saturday night around 11 and just couldn’t fathom the dedication it must take to get out for a late day run. My willpower is completely spent by that time of day and I definitely agree that it isn’t the safest time to run, especially for us gals. Thank for the comment, Nevie!

  • nevie b. says:

    ^^sorry, didn’t realize my settings were still on my non-running blog. i’m nevie from writing reading running 🙂

  • I’m glad you found me so I could find you! The longer time frame for forming difficult habits makes sense, and it’s encouraging and frustrating at the same time!! 66 to 84 days, huh? Hmmmm….

    • Andrea says:

      I know, it’s terribly long, but I’m just thinking about how easy it’ll be to keep up with running once it becomes as natural as brushing my teeth!

  • Chuck says:

    first, welcome back. second, i’m a late afternoon/early evening runner. just can’t seem to get going early in the morning. of course, running that late in the day in the deep south presents its own problems, but i find shaded routes near streams that are a bit cooler than full sunshine on asphalt. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope to “see” you again soon.

    • Andrea says:

      Wow, I’m impressed you run in the heat like that, even if it’s in the shade! I do find wearing a hat helps my mental game when the sun is beating down though. Thanks for the comment!

  • mynuttydubai says:

    Hi Jello Legs,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post 🙂

    I hope this does not come across as a know-it-all, and it’s likely that you already know this, but I want to say it anyway…
    I had a knee injury a while back and it stopped me from running (go read about it on my blog if you like) and the 2 things that helped me get back out there were 1) Physio – even though she (or he) will torture you for the 45 minutes you’re there; and 2) get into the gym – focus on leg exercises to strengthen your muscles.

    Oh, and be diligent in any exercise your physio gives you, no matter how mundane or silly they seem.

    Good luck with getting back into and welcome back!

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks for the tips! I’ve been doing a lot of yoga, squats, lunges, etc. and my knee has been feeling really good as of late. If they pain comes back I’ll definitely seek some professional help from a physiotherapist!

  • glad to see you are back. safe training for your next half!!!

  • jenna834 says:

    Hi Andrea,
    thanks for picking up on my blog, it’s been great looking through yours! Running is something I tried to get into before I came away, and will definitely try to do it again when I get back. I may well look for inspiration from you and your nicely formed community’s tips to help me on my way…

  • hawkeyeinkc says:

    Welcome back! I am so with you on running during the cold winter months! I committed to running and began training for my first 10K in June. Now I’m wondering how to approach running once the temps dip below 40. I despise the treadmill.

    A half marathon is going to be my next goal!

  • Molto Vivace says:

    I’ve switched to being a morning exerciser (it’s either early a.m. or late at night for me due to job & kids) and it’s becoming routine! I still stay up too late, need to work on that bad habit, but now I’m excited for my exercise time in the a.m. What I should work on that your post made me think about is to have some quiet/blogging/reading time before my hectic days start too.

  • warriorofmetal says:

    I also stopped blogging when I hurt my knee in the beginning of 2013 …
    1.) Sunrise
    2.) A necessary habbit like eating or sleeping
    3.) The Hobbit (unabridged)

  • Paul says:

    Yes I have to talk myself into it every day!
    Little Slices of Nasty by Oliver Clarke, a great little collection of short stories!

    How’s the training going? 6 weeks till my first half marathon! 🙂


    • Andrea says:

      It’s been progressing well, but I may be pulling out of the October 29th race. I made a last minute decision to go back to school for an MBA and the weekend’s travel conflicts with my classes 😦

  • MikeW says:

    Hope your winter is a warm one, with just the right amount of Indian summers to make your running and hiking and snowshoeing fun.

  • Tabby Mason says:


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