Cold Feet

October 26, 2012 § 54 Comments

Now that I’m convinced I’m a real runner, I figure I should take to running over the winter season. My mother normally trains through the snow, as long as it’s warmer than -15°C (5ºF), so I figure if she can do it, then why can’t I?

Monday I went for a run and it was about 0ºC (32ºF). I wore my new digs from the NWM:

NWM Gear

I also wore a light lululemon jacket, some mitts and a visor… and I FROZE.

Actually, it wasn’t so much my body that was cold, but my nose and lungs. I have no idea how I’m going to make it through this winter. Does it get better? Do your lungs get used to that piercing cool air? Does your nose develop better circulation techniques? Do you eyes stop watering? If you stick with it long enough will you actually enjoy running in the cold?

The worst part was that I found it difficult to maintain my regular pace. I ended up running about a 0:30 min/mile slower than usual and struggled to keep even that up. It was almost as though my muscles weren’t getting enough oxygen because my lungs were frozen. I know they can’t literally freeze, but it sure seems like the cold inhibits oxygen absorption, which is rather counterintuitive. Remembering the PV = nRT formula from highschool chemistry, cooler air is denser, meaning there should be MORE oxygen going into your lungs with every breath. I knew that stuff they taught us in school was useless!

And now I’m sitting in my living room running gear on, staring out at a layer of snow on the ground and -3ºC (27ºF) weather, trying to convince myself to get over my cold feet and get out there…

Anyone have any tips on how to run in the cold?


NWM 2012

October 17, 2012 § 52 Comments

Yes, it’s been 2 and a half months since I’ve made a post, but at least a hell of a lot of running has happened since then, though probably not nearly enough…

The Nike Women’s Marathon was last weekend and though I took tapering a little too seriously (one 4-mile run in the 2 weeks before the race) I didn’t fare TOO poorly. Finished with a 1:54:45, which put me in the top 5% of my age category for the half! Though I suspect the popularity of the Tiffany’s finisher’s necklace attracting non-runners may have skewed the stats in my favour… Stats aside, I still felt like a champ crossing that finish line to receive this beauty:

(I really am a master Instagram photographer, thank you very much.)

Ha, though I wasn’t exactly a beauty myself running out there…

(Like my new sports bra?) Someone really needs to tell us novice runners to smile during a race so we don’t end up looking like we’re in labour.

The course was pretty fun if you as me, though I don’t have many halfs to compare it to. The hills weren’t nearly what you’d expect of San Francisco and what scenery I could see through the fog was pretty spectacular. With so many runners the course is rather crowded for the first couple of miles though, so you either need to push your way to the front of the start line or admit PB defeat.

The best part about this race is the before/after fun in the city, though that’s probably the best part about ALL races… who actually LIKES running anyways…?

The entire city is buzzing as early as Friday for Sunday’s 25,000 runner event. Union Square is home to the Nike expo as well as the 3-storey Niketown, which is pulsating from some dj’s obnoxiously loud music. I’m sure they do it to prevent you from thinking too much about your purchases – it’s literally a “get in and get out” shopping experience to save your ears. Luckily the buyer’s remorse is offset by the copious number of freebies you get over the weekend – I almost had to buy another suitcase for all that Neutrogena beautifying goop they give you.

Overall, the NWM is a fantastically fun time for a group of girls and totally makes the old ones feel young again, or maybe that’s just because they were hanging out with me… say hi to me and my mom’s friends:


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