No shoes, no socks, no service…

August 1, 2012 § 7 Comments

I’ve been at this barefoot/minimalist running thing for a few months now and I find that around 2.5 miles, the bottoms of my toes start to feel raw… is this normal? I figured shoes without socks goes hand in hand with barefoot running, but my feet have not been serving me well. Maybe I need to be sporting socks with my New Balance Minimus Zeros… anyone have any words of wisdom on this one?

Otherwise, training has been going rather well. Ran 4 miles on Sunday in the heat (UGH) and didn’t fair too poorly… I really hope raceday’s weather is temperate… 15 degrees would do for me! And no sun please! Not sure how I’d do in the rain though, I’m pretty scared of water and can’t say I’ve ever really run in it…


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§ 7 Responses to No shoes, no socks, no service…

  • Have you tried using thin toesocks such as the ones made by Injinji? They feel odd at first if you’re not used to that kind of thing but they are incredibly comfortable to run in and minimise the chance of blisters. I use them for long runs and they really are fantastic. They come in different thickness and lengths from very short invisible ankle socks to mid length.
    Check out

  • Ed Mahoney says:

    I think you have to wear socks for several reasons. Protects your shoes as much as your feet.

  • richhell says:

    At first, I didn’t wear socks in my New Balance MT20s. And then they started to stink….So I washed my shoes, giving them a good scrub. Now I wear some very thin, below-the-ankle Hanes socks. Keeps me from getting blisters and my shoes are no longer stinky.

    • Andrea says:

      My shoes started to stink too! I ended up putting them in the washing machine and now that I’m wearing socks they continue to smell great… well not great, but bearable!

  • mpua365 says:

    Being a (newbie) triathlete, I began running without socks this year and havent really had problems. Before that, I was a runner obsessed with socks! I suppose you do have to ‘season’ your feet (two years for me) to get used to running without. And yes, the shoes begin to stink after awhile, if you find a solution to that, let me know!

  • I tried wearing my Merrell Pace Gloves without socks but they gave me blisters. I’ve worn Injinji toe socks for years and love them.

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