No shoes, no socks, no service…

August 1, 2012 § 7 Comments

I’ve been at this barefoot/minimalist running thing for a few months now and I find that around 2.5 miles, the bottoms of my toes start to feel raw… is this normal? I figured shoes without socks goes hand in hand with barefoot running, but my feet have not been serving me well. Maybe I need to be sporting socks with my New Balance Minimus Zeros… anyone have any words of wisdom on this one?

Otherwise, training has been going rather well. Ran 4 miles on Sunday in the heat (UGH) and didn’t fair too poorly… I really hope raceday’s weather is temperate… 15 degrees would do for me! And no sun please! Not sure how I’d do in the rain though, I’m pretty scared of water and can’t say I’ve ever really run in it…


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