Keep Your Head Up

July 25, 2012 § 6 Comments

Last night we went for our 2nd 3 mile run since training officially started on Saturday and psychotically did it all up hill… I had the bright idea of biking to my fiance’s dad’s house, since we hadn’t seen him and his wife  since the engagement, leaving our bikes there and running home. Stupid stupid stupid (yes, THAT stupid) plan for two reasons: 1) It’s all uphill on the way home 2) It’s really easy to forget your condo keys in your bike pannier bag…

We decided our calves had had enough torture for the night so we called my future father-in-law and asked him to drive over the keys in my bag. He finally arrived after what seems like an hour shivering in the wind and holds out THE WRONG key… Haha (it’s funny now), he starts off with “I didn’t think this looked like a condo key, but these systems are getting so high tech these days…”…….we just stand there staring….. waiting for him to say “just kidding”……. nope, didn’t happen, he just sat there holding out the key to my bike lock….

Aside from the slightly dumb mistake made last night, I did make what I thought was an intelligent discovery. I found keeping your head up and looking 50 yards in front of you really makes the running less tedious and painful. I think it might have actually made me run faster up those hills! And I HATE hills. And running…

So yes, yesterday’s lessons: keep your head up and triple check where you put your keys.


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§ 6 Responses to Keep Your Head Up

  • progressbyaccident says:

    I’ve only been running for 15 weeks and I’ve found the same thing. I think it helps shift your weight forwards so your forefoot striking and bouncing instead of heal striking. Running does suck!

    • Andrea says:

      I totally agree! I’ve been employing this pose/chi/barefoot/minimalist/forefoot running style since April and have found that once I got the hang of it, I feel so much lighter on my feet and those hills are actually bearable!

      • progressbyaccident says:

        I thought that until the day after a 12 mile run with nearly 3000′ of ascent. A few days of and back on it! Enjoy the endorphins 🙂

  • avigomw says:

    I remember last year when I went out for an entire day of hiking/running/walking I lost my only car key somewhere on the 20 miles that I covered through out the day. Now I’m so paranoid I just hold the key every time I run.

    • Andrea says:

      That would be awful! I’m guessing you didn’t retrace the 20 miles to look for them!

      • avigomw says:

        You are partially right. I walked back for a little bit…but I never did find them. I’m going to try your running trick, I think I stare down at the ground when I run. I’ll see tomorrow.

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